Date(s) - Friday April 10
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Tucker Technology Center, Room 139

Many higher education faculty members are intrigued by information and literature exploring the characteristics of 21st century university students. This one-hour session will offer insights and discoveries from site visits to college prep campuses serving populations of students who learn differently, information from a variety of sources on the topic, and examples of effective student engagement strategies and instructional plans. Come ready to exchange ideas and leave with plans you can put into action in your classroom to more effectively engage your learners.

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Marla McGhee

This event will be presented by Marla McGhee.  As the Koehler Center Student Engagement fellow, Marla McGhee will target pedagogy, curriculum, and the mind-brain connection in light of what resonates with 21st century learners. A life long educator with over two decades in public schools and 15 years in higher education, Marla has spent the bulk of her career focused on engaging students and improving learning outcomes. Having taught and worked at the undergraduate, masters, Ph.D. and Ed.D. levels in large and small settings, she has a wide variety of experiences that inform her thinking and practice. Because today’s students are challenging our educational paradigms, having grown up in a screen oriented, digital world with just-in-time information at their fingertips, her work as a Koehler Center fellow for student engagement will support faculty seeking to connect with 21st century learners.