Date(s) - Friday January 12
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

TCU Campus Store, Room 208

Koehler Center Outcomes 1.2, 2.2Why do we give students exams? What can a well-crafted exam tell instructors about student learning? As instructors, our goal is for students to utilize a range of cognitive processes in their learning. However, most exams and assessments only require students to employ lower-order cognitive skills, such as remembering and understanding.

In this workshop, we will use Bloom’s Taxonomy for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in order to build exams that give students opportunities to employ higher-order cognitive skills. To do this we will work through three stages of designing exams: 1) constructing a stronger exam by considering question types and cognitive levels, 2) helping students become more aware of their own thinking and the required cognitive processes in order to better answer questions, and 3) using exam results as feedback to inform instructional choices and pedagogical practice.

*You are encouraged to bring a recent copy of an exam to evaluate.

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