The i>clicker is a student response tool that’s about the size of TV remotes and runs on two AAA batteries. Each student brings his or her own i>clicker to class in order to answer questions posed by the instructor. Students indicate their answers by selecting the corresponding button or by entering text. Responses are then transmitted to a base receiver; students can view confirmation that their response was received. The instructor’s free i>clicker software records specific student answers and displays summary (anonymous) results.

There are different versions of i>clickers. The i>clicker+ permits multiple-choice (A-E) responses. The i>clicker2 allows students to answer multiple choice (A-E), numeric, and alphanumeric questions (including fill in the blank, yes/no, true/false, ranking,  and short answer questions of up to 16 characters). The i>clicker2 also allows the instructor to create questions with multiple correct responses. TCU supports both models, but you’ll want to be careful to specify which model you’d like your students to use since they have different capabilities.

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