Instructors who adopt i>clicker are provided with an instructor remote, a base unit, and the free i>clicker software. Students obtain their remotes from the Campus Store; you’ll include an i>clicker request with your book order. For additional information about adopting i>clicker, see our Getting started with i>clicker at TCU page.

There’s great potential for student engagement using i>clickers, especially in large sections of classes. Instructors might ask questions that reveal students’ background knowledge, force students to select hypotheses, test students’ comprehension or recall of key ideas, gauge opinions before and after new evidence is presented, or present choice situations that illustrate the applicability of course concepts.

The i>clicker participation keeps students actively engaged with course content: instead of transcribing information into their class notes, all students are actively processing course content in order to respond to the instructor’s questions. Additionally, the quick feedback permits the instructor to adjust the delivery of course content within the same class session, rather than waiting for office hours, homework assignments, or tests to see if students have understood the material.

The easy-to-install software tracks both class level trends and keeps downloadable data on individual student responses. The software runs off a flash drive from any computer, so there is no worry about installation or administration rights if you wish to use classroom computers. The software works equally well with Macs or PCs. Anonymous polling, question lists, auto-grading, self-paced (quiz) mode, and demographic filtering of student answers (if students have provided such data) are all supported.

i>clicker integrates with whatever method (PowerPoint, Word, Flash, Keynote, Acrobat, Prezi, Web browsers, etc.) instructors are using to present class content. The toolbar allows for polling at any point during the presentation presentation. Each time the instructor opts to poll students, i>clicker takes a picture of the computer screen (i.e., the question or content related to the question) for the instructor to review along with the poll results.

For more information about adopting and setting up i>clicker, you can review the support guides. Just be sure to select the guide that matches the version of i>clicker software you are using!



syllabusiconIf you are tying i>clicker results to individual students, you will want to add i>clicker instructions to your syllabus so your students understand why they are purchasing the clickers and follow the proper registration protocol.


If you adopt i>clicker, here’s some language for your syllabus: I>clicker+ syllabus information  or I>clicker2 syllabus information .