Note that while the below information is provided to help your i>clicker adoption process, the Koehler Center staff are also happy to assist with i>clicker use. Additionally, we offer periodic i>clicker workshops and often write about clickers on the Teaching Toolbox blog.


faqFrequently Asked Questions

The i>clicker FAQ is a great place to start.


howtoUser Guides

A quick start guide and a complete user guide are available on the instructor resources area of the i>clicker website. Be sure to select the guide that matches the software version you have. There is also a separate user guide for the base receiver .

Export your TCU roster from Peoplesoft to Excel, to set up your i>clicker roster file .


Student Registration

Converting Rosters: Converting Your Excel Roster to a Roster.txt File

Self-Paced Polling



The i>clicker instructor checklist will help you verify that you have completed the set-up properly and are ready to use i>clicker in your class.