Adopt i>clicker

There are three necessary pieces involved in adopting i>clicker

  1. Contact our Regional Technology Specialist from Macmillian New Ventures for training and to request an instructor kit.  Contact Brendan Baruth by email: and provide the following information: Course Name(s), Approximate Enrollment Quantity and Preferred Shipping Address.  Also, please notify that you are adopting i>clicker.
  2. Request through the TCU Campus Store: You order remotes for students to purchase through the campus store to ensure the TCU Campus Store has enough for your class; you can combine this with your semester book order. A new i>clicker+ remote is approximately $40; a new i>clicker2 remote is $48.00. Remotes can be sold back at the end of the semester. Requests can be sent to the TCU Campus Store Course Materials Manager Jason Manriquez at  See information below for Campus Store order details, as well as the supplemental information regarding digital access codes and registration fees for used remotes.
  3. Attend online training, courtesy of I>clicker.  One-stop training for I>clicker Instructors page or sign up for a webinar.  Be sure to review the Instructor Getting Started Resources page for more information. Download i>clicker software.

warningIn order to avoid confusion, remember to tell students whether they should purchase i>clicker+ or i>clicker2. Be very precise in your language, so that students do not accidentally purchase the wrong remote for your course.


For your TCU Campus Store order, simply provide the information below:

Product: i>clicker+
ISBN: 1-4641-2015-3
Price: Approximately $40.00
Vendor: Macmillan (MPS, formerly VHPS)
Vendor Website:
Product: i>clicker2
ISBN: 9781429280471
Price: Approximately $48.00
Vendor: Macmillan (MPS, formerly VHPS)
Vendor Website:


  1. You can request the i>clicker with or without the REEF (mobile) access code. The ISBN’s for the i>clicker and REEF Bundle are:   i>clicker+ Hybrid Bundle (180 day REEF) $34.99 1-498-60164-2 and i>clicker2 Hybrid Bundle (180 day REEF) $41.99 1-498-60163-4
  2. Both the i>clicker 2 remote and the i>clicker + remote offer either the standalone student remote or an i>clicker+ and i>clicker 2 bundle that includes a standard remote and complimentary access to our digital solution, REEF Polling .This change is in response to feedback from our clients, as well as research that shows providing both a standard remote and a digital solution allows for a smoother transition to a digital classroom. If WiFi infrastructure in particular classrooms is not sufficient for a digital solution, students have access to hardware as an alternative.
  3. If an instructor integrates i>clicker with TCU Online, students can register their i>clicker through TCU Online directly, and will incur no used remote registration fee. Also if they use the REEF Polling software, there is no used remote fee as students would create an account online.  Otherwise, students who register their used i>clicker remotes through the website will be charged a one-time fee of $6.99. Students can purchase a remote registration code via the TCU Campus Store on a physical card or online through the i>clicker registration Web page.

Integration with TCU Online

Faculty who are interested in integrating i>clicker with TCU Online should contact Brendan Baruth by email: to get started.

If you are using iClicker Classic (not Cloud) then you will need an LMS Wizard File (zip and xml) for your integration setup. Contact the Koehler Center team for access to these files.