Information about the logistical benefits of having students use Google Drive to store and share a semester’s worth of writing.

Cavender, A. (2012, February 9). Using Google for Writing PortfoliosThe Chronicle of Higher Education Online: ProfHacker. 

A professor recounts his experience using Google Docs to anonymously gather student opinions about the course. The article also makes the case for doing this publically on a shared Google Doc, rather than on a Google Form that individuals complete anonymously.

Croxall, B. (2012, February 21). Conducting your midterm evaluations publically with Google DocsThe Chronicle of Higher Education Online: ProfHacker.

Peer-reviewed study in which students used Google Drive as a collaborative online authoring environment to create case studies based on clinical experiences. The authors conclude that this approach led to the transformation of student learning practices, altered power relationships in the classroom and facilitated the development of critical attitudes towards knowledge and authority.

Rowe, M., Bozalek, V., & Frantz, J. (2013). Using Google Drive to Facilitate a Blended Approach to Authentic LearningBritish Journal of Educational Technology (44)4, 594-606.

Article includes a large discussion on Google Hangouts for multiple, simultaneous, and synchronous small groups. The authors share their in-depth procedures for group set-up and directions given to students. The article also reviews the use of Google Docs and Google Forms.

Roseth, C., Akcaoglu, M., & Zellner, A. (2013, May-June) Blending Synchronous Face-to-Face and Computer-Supported Learning in a Hybrid Doctoral SeminarTechTrends (57)3, 54-59.

Article addresses the use of Google Docs in laboratory courses: students working from multiple computers share a single spreadsheet in real-time. This allows students to use the work of others as a guide when completing complex calculations and provides additional opportunities for timely instructor-student interaction.

Spaeth, A. & Black, R. (2012). Google Docs as a Form of Collaborative Learning. Journal of Chemical Education (89), 1078-1079.