TCU Online Course Delivery Policy

Requirements for Teaching Online Courses

Faculty whom were invited to teach in the pilot are eFaculty certified— meaning they have completed the TCU’s training requirements to teach online courses as listed below:

  1. Training to be completed before teaching online:
  2. Create online course in TCU Online; course to be fully built well before the official start date of the course so as to allow Koehler Center staff to insure the course meets university standards.
  3. To go live, a course must:
    • earn an Online Structure Assessment Tool (OSAT) score of 70% or greater (Required) [OSAT Version 6 (6.18)]
    • Implement all improvements identified as short-term / critical fixes before the official start date of the course.

Requirements for Online Courses

  1. Online Structure Assessment Tool (OSAT) score 49 points out of 69 total points 70% or greater (Required) and review for course shell build, all identified improvements implemented annually after course goes live [OSAT Version 6 (6.18)]
  2. Faculty engagement in course must total 30 hours (based on the benchmark of a three credit course).*
  3. Student activity in course 3 hour course should equal or exceed 45 hours (based on the benchmark of a three credit course)*
  4. Class completion rate (based on student census date as compared with student enrollment at the end of term) should be 88% or greater, barring any exceptional events (Required)*

*Reporting is pulled by Koehler Center staff from TCU Online and shared with Department Directors/Chair.

Other Important Information