Standards for Web Component Courses (Minimum of ⅔ face-to-face time)

  1. Web component courses must meet for at least 2/3 of the assigned classroom time in a face-to-face setting. For example, a 3-credit 16-week course must meet for at least 30 hours of face-to-face classroom time. The remaining 15 hours of may be comprised of online work or class sessions. If online sessions will replace some class meetings, notice of this should be provided to students as far in advance as possible, ideally at the beginning of the class.
  2.  All web component courses must be accessible as defined by Section 508 of the United States Access Board and all content on web component courses needs to meet the standards set forth in Section 508. These standards are available online.
  3. Programs or departments may not charge students additional fees for web component courses.

The complete University Policy for Distance Learning and Web-Enhanced Courses is available for your review.