The University Policy for Distance Learning and Web-Enhanced Courses requires that all new online courses earn a minimum score of 70% on the Online Structure Assessment Tool (OSAT) before they are taught for the first time. This review process takes time; revisions and a second pre-OSAT review may be required.

In order to allow for adequate course development time and to deliver high-quality learning experiences to students, new online courses or existing online courses that have been redesigned to the extent that the course has sought new approval from the appropriate university committee must meet development deadlines. Courses must be complete (including syllabus, assessment, content, and activities) and ready for the pre-OSAT review approximately one month prior to the first day of the session/term in which the course will be offered.

If you will  have a new or substantively redesigned online course requiring OSAT before it can go live, please complete the New / Redesigned Course OSAT Verification form as soon as you know the term in which you will be offering your course. This allows the distance learning team to plan our workflow to ensure your course is reviewed in a timely manner.

Development Timeline for Online Courses

Courses that do not meet these deadlines may be removed from the schedule

Term in which the course will be first taught

Deadline to notify the Koehler Center that the course is complete.

FallJuly 20
SpringDecember 1
SummerMay 1 (session start varies, consult with Koehler Center as needed)

The Koehler Center is happy to provide assistance to instructors in advance of stated deadlines. Planning ahead can accelerate the pre-OSAT review process. If instructors desire design assistance, partnership with an instructional designer typically begins 1-2 semesters prior to the course going live. Please complete the Distance Learning Services Request form if you would like course design assistance.

New online courses or online courses subject to the substantive changes university committee review process must earn an OSAT score of 70% in order to go live. A course may not earn this score on the first pre-instruction review; good course design is often an iterative process.

As the pre-OSAT review process advances, the department chair / program director will be apprised of the progress and final score of the course.